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Province of Cheshire Intranet


Provincial Calendar

Use the Calendar list to keep informed of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.
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  |||Craft and Chapter|||L7263 Parkgate Lodge - Talking Heads Presentation
  |||Craft|||L7416 Netherpool Lodge Bro 60th Eric Quirk DPGM(AG) APGM(GH) DDC(SFJ)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||L979 Lodge of 4 Cardinal Virtures - Talking Heads Presentation
  |||Craft|||L5805 Rivacre Lodge Bro 50th Keith Faulkner APGM (GWM) DC(SJ)
  |||Craft|||L8130 Massada Lodge Bro 50th Joseph Dwek PGM(SMB) DPGM(AG) DC(PRJ) DDC(PS)
  |||Craft|||CRAFT Grand Lodge & Grand Masters Council
  |||Craft|||Board of General Purpose UGLE
  |||Chapter|||C4127 Prudence & Justice Chapter 'Royal Arch Workshop' by Peter Mason (DGSupt Cumberland & Westmorland) DGSupt (JRB) 2ndPGPrinc (PER) 3rdPGPrinc (BWJ) APGP (DAW, SJP, SPC, KM) DDC(TS)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||L2799 John Brunner Lodge - Talking Heads Presentation
  |||Craft|||L6374 Gateways Lodge Bro Hugh Trefor Jones Owen 50th APGM(GWM) DC(
  |||Chapter Other Provinces|||Chapter - East Lancs AGM
  |||Craft|||L361 L of Godley Bro Jonathan Crompton 50th - DPGM(AG) APGM(DVD) DDC(PS)
  |||Craft|||L7360 Penda Lodge Bro George Henry Train 50th DPGM (AG)APGM (GWM) DC (PRJ) DDC(PS)
  |||Chapter Other Provinces|||Chapter - Derbyshire AGM
  |||Chapter|||C3614 Whiston Chapter Pastoral Visit DepGSupt (JRB) DDC(TS)
  |||Craft|||L830 Endeavour and Astley Union Lodge Bro Roy Collier 50th Anniversary APGM(DVD) DDC(PS)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||L7532 Westminster Lodge - Talking Heads Presentation
  |||Chapter|||C3915 Claughton Chapter Comp 50th James Mylan DGSupt(JRB) 2ndProvGPrinc(PER) 3rdProvGPrinc(BWJ) APGP(KM) DDC(TS)
  |||Chapter|||C1045 Stamford Chapter Comp Bob Jenner 50th DGSupt (JRB) 2ndPGPrinc(PER) 3rdPGPrinc(BWJ) APGP(SJP) DDC(TS)
  |||Chapter|||C2375 Hilbre Chapter Com David Gordon Donald Bosworth 50th
  |||Chapter|||C537 Zion Chapter EComp Keith Fair 50th Anniversary - Roger Quayle (PGSwdB) 2ndProvGPrinc (PER) 3rd ProvGPrinc (BWJ) APGP(SPC) DC(PRJ)
  |||Chapter|||C3653 Chapter of Eminence100th anniversary DGSupt(JRB), 2ndProvGPrinc(PER), 3rdProvGPrinc(BWJ), APGP(KM), DC(PRJ) DDCs(SFJ, TS)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Steering Group Meetings
  |||Craft Other Provinces|||Craft & RA Shropshire AGM - PGM
  |||Craft|||Mentoring Seminar
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 3 Tercentenary Sunday Lunch