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Province of Cheshire Intranet


Provincial Calendar

Use the Calendar list to keep informed of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.
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  |||Craft|||L7263 Parkgate Lodge Bro 50th - William Harper APGM(PAM) DC(SFJ)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 5 Masters and 1st Ps Dinner
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 3 Meeting - Middlewich 19:00 for 19:30
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 2 Meeting
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 2 Masters and 1st Ps Dinner
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 1 Meeting
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Steering Group Meetings
  |||Craft|||L4697 The Cheadle Hulme Lodge Bro 60th J Brian Haslam DPGM(DVD) APGM(SJP) DC(PS / TS)
  |||Chapter|||C5656 Norbury Chapter DGSupt Pastoral Visit DDC(TS)
  |||Craft|||L4839 Loyal City Lodge Bro 50th Gerald Delwyn Edwards APGM(GRH) DC(TS)
  |||Craft|||L3468 Seacombe Lodge PGM Official Visit - PGM(SMB) DPGM(DVD) DC(PRJ/SFJ)
  |||Chapter|||C293 Kings' Friends' Chapter DGSupt Pastoral Visit
  |||Chapter|||C8098 St Mary's DGSupt Pastoral Visit APGP(RD)
  |||Craft|||L4390 Lodge of Harmony Bro 60th Peter Fawkes DPGM(DVD) APGM(RAD) DC(PS)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 5 Meeting
  |||Craft|||Board of General Purpose UGLE
  |||Craft|||L5914 Peninsula Lodge 75th DPGM(DVD) APGM(GRH) DC(SFJ)
  |||Craft|||L2688 Wythenshawe Lodge Bro 50th Robert Tumath - CERT ONLY
  |||Craft|||L361 Lodge of Godley Bro 50th Anthony Buckley APGM(SJP) DC(PS)
  |||Craft|||L3628 Commercial Lodge Bro 50th Norman Ward APGM(GRH) DC(TS)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 4 Meeting
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 4 - Prostate Screening 9:00am to 1pm
  |||Chapter|||C2799 John Brunner Chapter Comp 50th David Wallis Loft DGSupt(JRB) APGP(NS) 2ndProvGPrinc(PER) 3rdProvGPrinc(BWJ) DC(TS)
  |||Craft|||L3464 The Lodge of King Solomons Temple PGM Official Visit - PGM(SMB) DPGM(DVD) APGM(SCLR) DC(PRJ/SFJ)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Steering Group Meetings
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 3 Prostate Screening