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Province of Cheshire Intranet


Provincial Calendar

Use the Calendar list to keep informed of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.
< November 2017 >
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  |||Craft|||Tercentenary Celebrations
  |||KT|||KT Malta Annual Meeting
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Prostate Cancer Screening - Stockport
  |||Craft|||Talking Heads - Northwich Lodge
  |||Craft|||L4447 Woodlands Lodge Bro 50th Robert Jenkins APGM (GRH) DC(SFJ)
  |||Chapter|||Grand Chapter
  |||Chapter|||C4839 Loyal City Chapter 75th anniversary DGSupt (JRB) 2ndPGPrinc(PER) 3rdPGPrinc(BWJ) APGP(DAW) DC(TS)
  |||Craft|||Board of General Purpose UGLE
  |||Craft|||L5849 The Francis Columbine Lodge 75th Anniversary - DPGM(AG) APGM(GWM) DC(PRJ)
  |||Craft|||L6528 Onward Lodge - Lodge Closure APGM(DVD)
  |||Chapter|||C1576 Dee Chapter Pastoral Visit DGSupt(JRB) 2ndProvGPrinc(PER) 3rdProvGPrinc(BWJ) DC(TS)
  |||Craft|||L533 Eaton Lodge Bro 50th James Norman Alcock APGM (DVD) DC(SFJ)
  |||Chapter|||C6227 Saxon Crosses Chapter - RA In Camera Demonstration by Metropolitan Grand Chapter DGS(JRB), PER,BJW,KM,SCT,SJP,DAW,SPC DC(PRJ,TS)
  |||Craft|||L4584 Progress Lodge ProvGM's Official Visit Lecture "1966 And All That - The Beautiful Game and Freemasonry" By WBro M Baker DCs(PRJ/SJ)
  |||Craft|||L8156 Hooton Park Lodge Banner Dedication APGM(GRH) ProvGChap)BWJ) DEC(PS/SFJ)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Prostate Cancer Screening - Ellesmere Port
  |||Craft|||L7263 Parkgate Lodge Bro 60th Samuel Radcliffe DPGM (AG) APGM (PAM) DC(SFJ) BY DISPENSATION
  |||Chapter|||C267 The Chapter of Unity - Attendance by Invitation Only
  |||Craft|||L3384 Doric Lodge Bro David Edmondson 50th Anniversary APGM (DVD) DC(PS)
  |||Craft|||Area 5 PGM Official Visit - South Cheshire Lodge DCs(PRJ/SJ)
  |||Chapter|||C4397 Davenport Royal Arch Chapter Comp 50th Walter Heap DGSupt(JRB) 2ndProvGPrinc(PER) 3rdPRovGPrinc(BWJ) APGP(SCT) DC(TS)
  |||Craft|||L6329 Lodge of Gratitude Bro Walter Stanley Walker 70th
  |||Craft|||Craft - Investiture DPGM & APGM's
  |||Chapter|||C721 The Grosvenor Chapter David Littler 50th DGS(JRB) 3rd PGP(BWJ) APGP(DAW) DC(TS)
  |||Craft|||L321 Lodge of Unity Bro Peter Jones 60th APGM (GWM) Cert Only
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 3 Masters and 1st P's Dinner - DGSupt(JRB)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 1 Masters and 1st P's Dinner - DPGM(DVD) 2ndProvGPrinc(PER)
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Area 4 Master and 1st P's Dinner - PGM(SMB) DGSupt(JRB)
  |||Craft|||L3236 Phoenix Lodge Banner Dedication APGM(GRH) Chaplain(BJW) DC(PRJ,SFJ) - Dispensation
  |||Craft and Chapter|||Steering Group Meetings
  |||Craft|||Area 5 Police Band Concert (Tercentenary)